Masterkey Experience Week 1- The World Within

     This has been an excellent first week, I have to admit before that starting i was having some skepticism of this walk. Although going through the readings and lesson I fully believe that these lessons will further enrich my life and ways of thinking.

     I have been doing these exercises everyday to enrich my full grasp of the world within. The World Within is of the greatest tools that I can utilize in my life today. I believe with the right guidance, effort, and consistency all things are possible.

     My outlook upon life has been changed. I now know that change lies deeper than just changing my actions, but rather changing the thoughts that influence my actions. I know that only good can come from enriching the mind with positive growth and positive goals.

    If you are reading this that means that you either know of the Masterkeys or are interested in them. To tell you the truth what you got to lose by having some sort of commitment in your life. I’ve always said I never have enough time, that is because I don’t make the time.  Today I make time for my growth and my life to pursue bigger and better things. When I say things I mean mind, body, and spirit. When these 3 things are aligned only enrichment can come from this.

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