Masterkey Experience Week 2- Swapping bad habits for good habits

   This was definitely been a busy week, I had a lot of running around to do. I did make the best of it. Although I have been keeping in alignment with my goals, I continued to accomplish my masterkey exercises. What I have been really enjoying because it has become a good habit is the silent meditation.

     For me I have started off at 15 minute meditation of staying completely still except for my breathing. In a week I worked my way up to 30 minutes of silent meditation. By this second week what has made it special was combining positive thoughts of my family.  I also been thinking of goals and how to obtain these goals. This has become my favorite exercise and it is now a habit i enjoy doing.

     Prior to the Masterkeys I haven’t been much of a reader. This has definitely brought me to a place of gratitude, now not only am I reading my exercises, I’ve began reading books. I am starting on writing my own book, it’s a work in progress. I know I can do anything if and when I put my mind into it. I truly believe that the Masterkeys are guiding me to this place.

     I am not much of a writer but this blogging takes the cake. It is giving me some pride and purpose. I am excited to do much more in these classes. My goal heroes group has been so much of a positive inspiration to my daily life. It has also given me little reminders of what I need to do. One thing at a time is all that I can do. Thus I can do this one thing to my very best.

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