Masterkeys Experience Week 3- The Solar Plexus

This week has been such an amazing growth period for me. Although I am not going to lie I fell asleep early one night and missed my DMP reading and the Greatest Salesman. Even though I have missed that day it did not hinder my growth, in fact it made me want to work harder on making these good habits be a part of my daily life. The more we progress forward the more I feel confident in my DMP writings. Actually this week I kind of changed this a lot and added more emotion into it.

      If I’m getting this right I believe this week is tying in the solar plexus which is the central point of energy distribution. This energy is controlled by the subconscious mind. So as I sit in my meditation and focus on my breathing and my muscles relaxing I think of what I want to achieve in life.  The greatness of being an awesome husband and father is one of my goals or proposes of life. I love that it mentions that in order to let my light shine from my solar plexus I must eliminate fear. One of my great fears is being successful and so I end up self sabotaging myself. This is why I’m here in this program to learn to self sufficient.

     I really enjoy this global heroes group that I’ve joined. I get daily reminders of love and joy. My group also gives me reminders of my daily readings and index card works. I love the positive attitude that everyone brings. It’s a great rejuvenation when I see new messages from all my global family. I draw out inspiration from the energy that everyone brings.

I truly believe if I work this program as much as I can, giving my all, anything is possible. It comes down to how bad do I wanna work, am I going to do all the exercises or just coast on through. For me I going to put in the work. Even if there is something that needs to be corrected I change it in my planner with red ink, so that I can make corrections next time

2 thoughts on “Masterkeys Experience Week 3- The Solar Plexus

  1. Hiram, I enjoyed your blog and your honesty. I liked your statement about how you can let your light shine from your solar plexus when you eliminate fear. Enthusiasm has a big affect on fear so put more enthusiasm in your reads and watch what happens. Have a great week!


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