Masterkeys Experience Week 4- “I can be what I want to be”

     Talk about defeating the negative self destructive thinking and the peptides that go with it. Who said this would be an easy battle? It is only a hard s you make it. I am in control of my thought that controls my actions. Subby is the I in the world within, the unacknowledged mastermind that is at my will. I can be what I want to be.

Although this experience has absolutely been life changing, it’s not free. With this comes great determination, self sacrifice, and dedication. No champion in life becomes a champion without practicing. My mind shall be the greatest force and all possibilities are endless. Everyone around me shall reap benefits from the unselfish rewards. The more I give the more I shall recieve.

As crazy as this may sound the shapes, colors, Personal Pivotal Needs(PPN), services, and rewarding self when accomplishing set goals. These things are slowly being tied into to my dominate force which is my subconscious. I am not where I want to be yet, I am getting there by practicing good habits of what I want to be. I am in control and I am to finish what I started. There is no fear to hinder my progress. Only positive growth is to come when I put positive unselfishness behind my movements forward. Thank you I always keep my promise, Hiram

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