Masterkeys Experience Week 5 The Good News

Alright to start off this week i got the good news. Well it didn’t start off as good news, it was adding more work for the week in the alliance. This new assignment speaks of me completing my goals and the story living out my Definite Major Purpose. I was having a hard time grasping what was needed to be done. In the meanwhile I decided to completely change or rearrange my DMP, shrinking it about 100 words. My Personal Pivotal Needs was also altered as well, ok 1 of them.

Finishing off my new DMP i was stuck in a loop. I’m not sure if I was over excited or just focused on too many things at once. I was also having a hard time self motivating in doing my service for the week. I finally after read do it now over the 100 time, my gears were beginning to turn enough to get a jump start i needed. When u started writing it out i really liked this concept of my positive future that lies ahead.

I have such an amazing group of masterminds in my alliance. They give me the strength and courage to move forward because they have strength and courage. I truly believe the concept is like Stitch once said “Ohana means family, family means no one gets left behind.” There are days i may not be feeling the work and i see some beautiful people sharing their experience, strength, and hope brings my to tears of joy. I am honored to be apart of the class of 2020.

2 thoughts on “Masterkeys Experience Week 5 The Good News

  1. Yes, we are Ohana. I am lifted by knowing I am not on this journey alone. We are all encouraging eachother and cheering eachother on, it is an amazing community of LOVE. Knowing each of us causes a positive ripple effect that touches those around us and beyond, is very exciting! Blessings!


  2. Hiram, getting a jump start is always useful and it’s a great way to focus on what you need to get done for the day. Also It was a great idea that you had to work on your DMP while you were figuring out what you had to do for your Press Release. Your time wasn’t wasted but used very productively. Congratulations! I am sure you got into the alliance and asked your questions about the Press Release. Masterminding is a great way to get new ideas flowing and questions answered. Thanks for a great blog!


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