Masterkeys Experience Week 6- No retreat No surrender

      This is where it is time to move forward in love. There has been many parts of my mind that wants to retreat and surrender. I am not giving up, for failure is not an option. It’s is crystal clear that my mind wants to finish. When you start to get deeper towards the gold it always seems the mud is stuck in harder. This only means that you have to work harder to clean off the old mud on the statute. It may mean you have to soak it for a little while longer, no harm done.

     Being able to love yourself has always been an issue for me. This exercise of the guy in the glass has got me smiling while looking at myself in the mirror. I am absorbing all of this to the best of my abilities while enjoying myself.  Love is the largest for letter word with infinite meanings. This is the beginning of all the giving and receiving within me. In Hawaii love is Aloha and Aloha is love.

     Tying in shapes, colors, feelings, services, and goals has got my striving for momentum. It’s like in building the clock of life that’ll turn all the gears in a positive motion. This pays takes extensive and precise handling of the delicate tools and exercises. Just like with anything new you begin there is something you have to learn, sometimes quickly sometimes slowly but it will always materialize if we get dobby to work for us not against us. Work hard get better always pays off, don’t leave before the miracle happens, Aloha.

2 thoughts on “Masterkeys Experience Week 6- No retreat No surrender

  1. Hiram, you blog was very inspiring. Your mind telling you to retreat is definitely your old blueprint talking so don’t listen to it. You are making a new blueprint. Substitute those old thoughts with positive thoughts , along with thoughts dealing with success, accomplishments, and happiness.


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