Masterkeys Experience Week 7 Lost and found

This is where it begins and this is where it ends. I begin this journey of changing my thinking and subconscious. So I pondered how would this be possible? I began this course 7 weeks ago and I have noticed positive changes occur in the past 7 weeks. This is the end for me, the end of living my life with restrictions. Having these barriers and chains hold me back, is of no more concern to me. I may not be exactly where I want to be but I’m exactly where I need to be.

I have actually found some connections to these exercises. For me it lies in the process of not giving up. Digging deep and finding that consistent drive for further investment in my future self. I have found this future self, now seeing him for what I will to be. I am to be successful in all aspects of purpose. That saying if there is a will there is a way, I have the will the way is coming.

There is a lot of things I am going through in my life today. That is not going to hinder my performance for great success. I am taking in to the infinite to make my dreams come true. Building my perfect world all inside my incredible mind. Seeing the whole picture before even taking the first physical steps in accomplishing it. I made the connections just as I would read blueprints and be able to create 3 dimensional models in my head. For knowing the end results before starting keeps me from headaches. Now starting before thinking of the end result could lead to an obstruction getting in the way of my finished product. See the whole picture before starting is my take for this week, so take it away subby.

3 thoughts on “Masterkeys Experience Week 7 Lost and found

  1. Awesome, Hiram! I love your attitude of perseverence. The miracle is just around the corner. Which corner, I do not know, but if I stop now, I will not experience it. So, you have encouraged me… persevere. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Hiram, Congratulations on your perseverance attitude and determined to not give up or get distracted by various challenges in your world. It is important to visualize the whole picture of what you want or your dreams. By doing this it inspires your world within and motivates your desires that you can be what you desire to be. You’ve got this so celebrate your wonderful change. From your Blog Rover Guide, Eulaine


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