Masterkey Experience Week 8- Just Imagine

     Wow what a brilliant ecstatic week of surprises and realizations. Being able to break down and trace back the battleship into what I consider as grand imagination. This force of mine, which I call subby is an unstoppable force when pushed in the right directing. The direction I chose today is a better life full of growth, love, and gratitude.

     I greet this day with love in my heart. The world may seem dark, cold, and lonely. This shall not be a problem if i am keeping the sunlight of the spirit burning full throttle. I shift my mental reality into pure and positive thoughts. This is what keeps me from unraveling onto others while in my journey of spirituality.

     There are times when I feel like I’m about to burn out. I am renewed through the strength and perseverance of my global heroes. Some days I may not feel up to par with members on my team. I continue pushing forward for my mind shall not know quit. I am to be what I will to be. I figured out a way to record my songs and add my voice with just utilizing my phone. I have to give myself a part on the back for this accomplishment.

2 thoughts on “Masterkey Experience Week 8- Just Imagine

  1. Hiram, your honest feelings are so uplifting and your light shines out for others to be encouraged by. Greeting each day with love in our hearts helps to start our day with positive energy and a smile on our face. I am so thankful for your persistence in pushing forward even when you don’t feel up to par and for giving yourself a pat on your back for accomplishment and perhaps finishing your service chore for the week. You might be the only praise you get all day long so keep patting yourself on you shoulder for a job well done. Great job on your blog! Your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine


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