Masterkeys Experience Week 9- The Building Blocks of Mind

For some amazing reason my mind has been rocketed to another dimension this week. I have been at this point of high resistance seemingly not being able to move forward in the last few weeks. What i have come to realize is that I was standing in my own way refusing to let myself become integrated with my future self. Although that might sound Sci-fi like, once I broke that reality I have been overstimulated with the rush of feelings joy and comfort. I can be what I will to be and guess what I want to be friends with my future self. I am working on this day to day building and refining of what I see my future self as a reality. This may seem very time consuming to some, however, I am worth all the time and effort of creating in my mind the clear truth and pathway for myself. I have a great group that has helped me to push on through even though I may have had doubts of self. Those thoughts are no longer allowed to enter into the fortitude of my mind. I control the thoughts that I manifest, I always keep in mind there is always room for growth. I am no better or no less than any other still I create the best version of myself daily with persistent perfect practice.

I am just amazed with the effort and commitment I have pushed myself to overcome. That is a victory already in itself and I have been giving myself positive affirmations. I have never told myself that I love myself and actually meant it, these exercises especially the guy in the glass has put a huge smile on face. I get to be a part of life today seeing things for what they are, greeting all with love in my heart, because I love myself. I still have work to be done this is a never ending refinement to increase the core value of self. Just when I think that I have got everything figured out I get my Definite Major Purpose revision. At first this would get me down and out for a little. Today I am able to laugh and stare at it as something to overcome. Ok I might not know exactly what I want at this moment yet I am clearing my mind daily clarifying exactly what I want and how I am going to get it. In fact I think I am changing my Personal Pivotal Needs yet one more time. Only reasoning is because there is no congruency in them. The longer I am pouring my thoughts and feelings into my DMP it is getting clearer to what it is my PPN’s are. That may change again, one thing I know for sure is that the only constant in life is change.

On the other hand my mental diet is slowly getting there. I have a quick tongue as some would say. It is about realizing the thought on a faster pace in order to make the positive substitutions. I can see the payoff of this being so grand and beneficial to my life and the life around me. This has got to be the hardest task that I have come across during this whole course. I am to be mindful of everyone and everything. I must give away that i would like to receive including my positive thoughts and feelings.

I always keep my promise Hiram M

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