Masterkeys Experience week 10 Cube and Cone

     This has been another amazing week.  This has also been an eye opener with this additional class “Finding Your Purpose.” I am amazed to see it mesh with my new PPN’s that I just refined due to it not lining up with my DMP. I pretty much wanted to scrap my DMP and start from new. I think there was lots of mud coming off of my statue still. I will shine as bright as I want to shine.  It is going to take chipping and cleaning the inner golden child.

     As that part of my master key is growing, the lessons of Hannel have been stacking on the requirement levels of mental fortitude. I enjoy this part with the meditations and this week of drawings the square and cone. These drawings are starting to come along, it has been challenging, I do like the challenge though. This has been the most challenges I have gone through at once. I will persist until I succeed removing negative words that hinder my growth. I can be what I will to be.

One thought on “Masterkeys Experience week 10 Cube and Cone

  1. Hiram, I am happy that you took the extra class called “Finding your Purpose” and then discovery how well your new PPNs match. Also congratulations on finding the sit for this week of drawing a square and a circle something you can do easily. Are you able to change it to white, red, yellow, and black. This was the part that was a challenge for me. I could do black but white, red, and yellow was difficult to do. I hope this part was as easy as forming the square & circle. Thanks for sharing your feelings about this week. From your blog rover friend, Eulaine..


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