Masterkeys Experience Week 11 The Eye Opener

Wow what a week I was autistic able to connect with my partner and mastermind what our definite major purpose was. I am greatly relieved to have this eye opener. Not only that there were a couple days i think i missed some readings. When this eye opener was revealed it was like I got a new found energy to pursue forward again. I am so energized to see what is to come next. I still have a few things that I need to do although I am knocking in out 1 by 1, I am picturing the finishing of the work. I am keeping a positive mental attitude with lots of persistence and hard work. I can be what I will to be and nothing is going to hinder and block my goals today. I always keep my promise, Hiram.

One thought on “Masterkeys Experience Week 11 The Eye Opener

  1. Hiram, I am glad to hear you are determined and persistent no matter what. Also congratulations on your “eye opener” and all the new energy that it seemed to rekindle. Keep on Keeping on–you can do this just be determine, see goals and work hard. From your blog rover friend, Eulaine


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