Masterkeys Experience Week 13

Finally I’m making my way on my DMP. Writing a DMP is challenging beachside I have never really stopped to think about what I wanna do and how I can get it accomplished. This Master Keys course has been such a great positive experience so far for me. I continue to change and modify a lot that relates to the DMP. I am excited to record a new ukulele season and read my positive readings. I believe that I can be what I will to be having great persistence because all other ways have not worked for me. Who would of thought that not having procrastination, fear, and a reason to move forward could cause me to. I always keep my promise, Hiram

3 thoughts on “Masterkeys Experience Week 13

  1. Hiram, Your week 13 blog was very honest and sincere. I’m so glad that your DMP is piecing together and you’re feeling better about it. Remember that your DMP is a process and that as your goals get met you’ll add new things to your DMP Continue being persistent and practicing the skills that you’ve been taught in the MKE, I wish the best for you as you continue on your journey. From your blog rover friend, Eulaine


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