Masterkeys Experience Week 14 New Year

Wow what an amazing week of not just going through the motions. This week has been about having gains and putting in work. I believe in being a better version of myself taking it one day at a time. The ant that eats a tiger is unstoppable although patient. For me as long as I move forward that is the direction I choose to flow. My Global Heroes family has been such a positive influence on me. I love the amazing man that I am blooming into. The best part is that this is just the beginning. I one day will be a guide as well. I’ll leave that up to the Universal mind.

My experience in this program has been nothing but beneficial to my spiritual growth. I enjoy my daily mediations, it has almost become natural instincts to do my readings. Scroll 4 is amazing to make me realize I am nature’s greatest miracle. I can be what I will to be

6 thoughts on “Masterkeys Experience Week 14 New Year

  1. Hiram, Congratulations on your growth! I am so thrilled about how your daily reads are becoming a natural instinct and your sits have helped you in your spiritual enhancement. Continue to be persistent in your MKE routine and be open for your new adventure. From Your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine


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