Masterkeys Experience Week 16 Kindness

What an amazing eye opener to have to look for kindnesses in myself and in others. I really never took into account all the kind acts that I do. I usually downplay my kindnesses. This activity forced me to open my eyes to actions I was already doing yet not giving myself recognition for the kindness because I didn’t think it was a big enough action. I guess that really comes down to lots of little actions add up to equal a big action. What I’ve also come to understand is that there is no price tag on kindness. A lot of the time kindness comes natural for me. Being a native Hawaiian that is big part of my culture to have Aloha. I’m usual the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off my back and not recognize it as a form of kindness. This has opened my eyes to notice and recognize it more often and give myself some self appreciation for even the little things. I always keep my promise, Hiram

3 thoughts on “Masterkeys Experience Week 16 Kindness

  1. Hiram, wow, what a great blog! I enjoyed your blog immensely. I am glad you recognized how kind you are and that being kind to others helps your light shine out. I’m glad you also acknowledged the importance of giving appreciation to yourself which is kindness. From your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine


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