Masterkeys Experience Week 17 Franklin Makeover

So far this Franklin makeover as such eccentric else has opened my eyes to do many things I do in life that I never have give credit. This is building in me self confidence in which I am able to accept the good that I do in this world. It all starts from the world within bringing it to peace and serenity is the basis of my exercises. The exercises have slowly developed into habits. Habits then turn into reality making for endless possibilities and it all starts with some willingness. I love the me that has been unraveling and there is still more yet to come. I always keep my promise, Hiram

2 thoughts on “Masterkeys Experience Week 17 Franklin Makeover

  1. Hiram, I’m glad that you realized the first step in a change process is “willingness”. I am also thankful that you saw the importance of establishing new habits. You realized how habits turn into reality making for endless possibilities. Congratulation for loving the future you. Keep working on all the skills as you’ll see even more changes in your life.
    Thanks for sharing what you’ve been learning. Your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine


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