Masterkeys Experience Week 23 Follow the Path

This has been an amazing adventure. I cannot say I’ve done it perfectly although I can say I’ve done my best. These weeks have given me a new source of life and a new perspective of how to go about life. I still remind myself to do it now and I can be what IContinue reading “Masterkeys Experience Week 23 Follow the Path”

Masterkeys Experience Week 22a Silent Retreat

As I began my silent journey I guess my body really needed sleep I almost slept for 24 hours. I still got up and did my readings and actually went back to sleep. When I got up I did some thinking, Journaling, crying, and meditation. I got to say this 3 days of silence wasContinue reading “Masterkeys Experience Week 22a Silent Retreat”

Masterkeys Experience Week 21 The Real Deal

Aloha everyone if you are reading this, you’re probably in the mastermind alliance. If not please join us comment below and I’ll send you information. Did I really just say that? Yes, since the beginning of this course I have noticed changes in myself, although they might not be massive changes. These changes come fromContinue reading “Masterkeys Experience Week 21 The Real Deal”

Masterkeys Experience Week 20 Self Doubt

I am writing today about how I feel versus how I’m doing. I had a conversation with a peer a couple days ago. For some reason my mind kept telling me that I’m not doing everything right, I’m falling behind, I should just stop. My conversation totally denied my thoughts by allowing me to realizeContinue reading “Masterkeys Experience Week 20 Self Doubt”

Masterkeys Experience Week 19 The Third Trimester

Rolling into the final trimester I must remain focused or I tend to drift off. Doing the sits, the reads, and the audios have been part of my life although I have not done it perfectly. I continue to strive because I know that the end of the road is definitely beneficial to my growth.Continue reading “Masterkeys Experience Week 19 The Third Trimester”

Masterkeys Experience Week 18 I can be what I will to be

These past week has been a struggle and i continue to use I can be what I will to be. For me that means putting effort into this work. Getting closer to the end of this course my mind naturally has become care free. For me staying plugged in, doing the work, and being persistentContinue reading “Masterkeys Experience Week 18 I can be what I will to be”

Masterkeys Experience Week 17 Hero’s Journey

It all starts with having a honest look at myself and being willing to change. I am so grateful that the Master Keys had been shining a light on the path in my journey. I didn’t even know of this path and now I believe it to be taking me to such a spiritual wellContinue reading “Masterkeys Experience Week 17 Hero’s Journey”

Masterkeys Experience Week 17 Franklin Makeover

So far this Franklin makeover as such eccentric else has opened my eyes to do many things I do in life that I never have give credit. This is building in me self confidence in which I am able to accept the good that I do in this world. It all starts from the worldContinue reading “Masterkeys Experience Week 17 Franklin Makeover”