Masterkeys Experience Week 16 Kindness

What an amazing eye opener to have to look for kindnesses in myself and in others. I really never took into account all the kind acts that I do. I usually downplay my kindnesses. This activity forced me to open my eyes to actions I was already doing yet not giving myself recognition for theContinue reading “Masterkeys Experience Week 16 Kindness”

Masterkeys Experience Week 14 New Year

Wow what an amazing week of not just going through the motions. This week has been about having gains and putting in work. I believe in being a better version of myself taking it one day at a time. The ant that eats a tiger is unstoppable although patient. For me as long as IContinue reading “Masterkeys Experience Week 14 New Year”

Masterkeys Experience Week 12 Wake Up

     I am so grateful for this opportunity to grow. I love the meditation, this is my favorite part of the exercises. Every week when I read, I learn a new bit of information for my subby. I enjoy interacting with the mastermind alliance Global Heroes. I make it a point to take care ofContinue reading “Masterkeys Experience Week 12 Wake Up”

Masterkeys Experience Week 11 The Eye Opener

Wow what a week I was autistic able to connect with my partner and mastermind what our definite major purpose was. I am greatly relieved to have this eye opener. Not only that there were a couple days i think i missed some readings. When this eye opener was revealed it was like I gotContinue reading “Masterkeys Experience Week 11 The Eye Opener”

Masterkeys Experience week 10 Cube and Cone

     This has been another amazing week.  This has also been an eye opener with this additional class “Finding Your Purpose.” I am amazed to see it mesh with my new PPN’s that I just refined due to it not lining up with my DMP. I pretty much wanted to scrap my DMP and startContinue reading “Masterkeys Experience week 10 Cube and Cone”

Masterkeys Experience Week 9- The Building Blocks of Mind

For some amazing reason my mind has been rocketed to another dimension this week. I have been at this point of high resistance seemingly not being able to move forward in the last few weeks. What i have come to realize is that I was standing in my own way refusing to let myself becomeContinue reading “Masterkeys Experience Week 9- The Building Blocks of Mind”

Masterkey Experience Week 8- Just Imagine

     Wow what a brilliant ecstatic week of surprises and realizations. Being able to break down and trace back the battleship into what I consider as grand imagination. This force of mine, which I call subby is an unstoppable force when pushed in the right directing. The direction I chose today is a better lifeContinue reading “Masterkey Experience Week 8- Just Imagine”

Masterkeys Experience Week 7 Lost and found

This is where it begins and this is where it ends. I begin this journey of changing my thinking and subconscious. So I pondered how would this be possible? I began this course 7 weeks ago and I have noticed positive changes occur in the past 7 weeks. This is the end for me, theContinue reading “Masterkeys Experience Week 7 Lost and found”