Masterkeys Experience Week 6- No retreat No surrender

      This is where it is time to move forward in love. There has been many parts of my mind that wants to retreat and surrender. I am not giving up, for failure is not an option. It’s is crystal clear that my mind wants to finish. When you start to get deeper towards theContinue reading “Masterkeys Experience Week 6- No retreat No surrender”

Masterkeys Experience Week 5 The Good News

Alright to start off this week i got the good news. Well it didn’t start off as good news, it was adding more work for the week in the alliance. This new assignment speaks of me completing my goals and the story living out my Definite Major Purpose. I was having a hard time graspingContinue reading “Masterkeys Experience Week 5 The Good News”

Masterkeys Experience Week 4- “I can be what I want to be”

     Talk about defeating the negative self destructive thinking and the peptides that go with it. Who said this would be an easy battle? It is only a hard s you make it. I am in control of my thought that controls my actions. Subby is the I in the world within, the unacknowledged mastermindContinue reading “Masterkeys Experience Week 4- “I can be what I want to be””

Masterkeys Experience Week 3- The Solar Plexus

This week has been such an amazing growth period for me. Although I am not going to lie I fell asleep early one night and missed my DMP reading and the Greatest Salesman. Even though I have missed that day it did not hinder my growth, in fact it made me want to work harderContinue reading “Masterkeys Experience Week 3- The Solar Plexus”

Masterkey Experience Week 2- Swapping bad habits for good habits

   This was definitely been a busy week, I had a lot of running around to do. I did make the best of it. Although I have been keeping in alignment with my goals, I continued to accomplish my masterkey exercises. What I have been really enjoying because it has become a good habit isContinue reading “Masterkey Experience Week 2- Swapping bad habits for good habits”

Masterkey Experience Week 1- The World Within

     This has been an excellent first week, I have to admit before that starting i was having some skepticism of this walk. Although going through the readings and lesson I fully believe that these lessons will further enrich my life and ways of thinking.      I have been doing these exercises everyday to enrichContinue reading “Masterkey Experience Week 1- The World Within”