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Press release with Joe Moore

     We are here to talk about the legacy and spiritual values you have taught your sons. You are doing such a great job as a father and husband.

      How did you go about instilling these core values?
      I began by joining the Masterkey Mastermind Alliance. Through this course I learned to be persistent, consistent, and fearless. I began to build my core values as a husband, father, and a son. I start my day off with a prayer and at least a 30 minute meditation. I teach them a new skill, idea, or lesson everyday to get these fine young gentlemen where they are today. We utilize positive behaviors, actions, and words in our household uplifting each other to be better people.
     What are some family traditions that you have?

     We always have family outings every other week. Depending on where we vote to go we may end up at the beach, mall, hiking trail, etc. I would take their mother out on the other weekends. This was to teach my boys how to treat a woman and show her you love and appreciate her. We would have family meetings every Saturday night which we would discuss our week. This is where we share if we needed help in certain areas or what we excelled in. We had these dinners with no electronics and lasting conversations with words of encouragement. I also teach them to put away 10% of your income is a good habit to save up for things they want.

     Today I enjoy days with my wife showing her love and appreciation with daily acts of kindness. Our home is filled with joy and laughter. I am able to enjoy my son’s growing into the men God has intended them to be. Mahalo for your interview Joe. May you all have a great evening Aloha and God bless.

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